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Format Radio Mix

Apr 1, 2019
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New Pornographic Recordings Compilation!!

Mar 29, 2016
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New Album on Beatport

Feb 5, 2015
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Check out my remix of Sylvain Gourlay

Apr 11, 2014
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Tim Baker News

Mar 3, 2014
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Tim Baker, a highly respected international DJ and producer emits a striking devotion to the music he produces, plays and remixes. This native Detroiter has a creative style of Djing, which fuses the funk with menacing percussion for a dramatic and emotional experience. His insight and passion for Detroit techno and house music began advancing in 1984 when he received his first turntables. The music which motivated his early phase of Djing included Cameo, Parliament, the B-52's, Bauhaus, Tangerine Dream, and Brian Eno. In the city of Detroit, the creative energy of the times was just beginning to manifest itself into the musical phenomena of 'techno'. Baker's frequent visits to several Detroit underground clubs left a lasting musical impression on him. The uninhibited presence of new music fueled his eagerness to DJ.

For the 21st century, Tim Baker will continue to uphold the repertoire of his labels by discovering innovative and creative talent. Tim extends his music capacity to new territories acquainting the world with his unique sound and vision. Tim's undeniable propelling force is to provide World Class DJ performances, incredible production and quality entertainment for the masses.

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© DJ Tim Baker - Photos by Caroline Horist